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Martin & Bonnett, Phoenix Employment Lawyers
A D V O C A T E S   F O R   E M P L O Y E E   R I G H T S   -   A C R O S S   T H E   U . S .

Our Cases

Phoenix employment lawyers

Representative Cases and Investigations

Case summaries illustrate our experience in representing employees in civil rights, disability and health, discrimination, pension and retirement, and wage and overtime disputes.

At Martin & Bonnett PLLC, we truly care about the issues that bring clients to our office. Our employment law attorneys are creative and detail-oriented in finding solutions for our clients' legal issues. We pride ourselves on the highest quality and accuracy, and we develop proactive legal strategies and discuss them openly with our clients in an effort to achieve maximum results.

Employees Only

Employers who violate their employees' rights need to be held accountable.

Unlike many employment lawyers who are willing to represent either side in an employment dispute, we exclusively represent employees.

Your Legal Team

Meet the experienced, proven employment law and ERISA attorneys of Martin & Bonnett.

Do You Have a Case?

It is important to consult with an experienced employment law attorney to determine whether you have a claim and what your legal options are.

For more information regarding an FLSA overtime dispute or a wage and hour claim, contact us at 602-240-6900 or 800-952-4750, or use our convenient, confidential Contact Form.

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