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Martin & Bonnett, Phoenix Employment Lawyers
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Disability and Health Benefits Cases

ERISA Disability and Health Benefits Lawyers

Cases and Investigations

The law governing rights under health benefits plans is complicated, and in many cases insurance companies do not know how to apply the law properly. Thus, a denial of coverage does not necessarily mean that the insurance company’s actions are correct. Our employment law and health and disability benefits lawyers can help you.

Martin & Bonnett attorneys have brought successful claims for disability and health benefits against a wide variety of employers and insurance companies. The scope of our services in this area includes federal court litigation and handling administrative claims and appeals to insurance companies and employers. 

Notable Disability and Health Benefits Cases

Health benefits claims for residential drug and alcohol treatment. Martin & Bonnett recently successfully settled a lawsuit involving denial of a claim for in-patient drug abuse treatment for an employee’s dependent teenage child.

Health benefits claims for residential treatment for mental health issues. After an insurance company denied the claims, Martin & Bonnett obtained a favorable settlement for a high-level employee who sought in-patient residential treatment for mental health issues.

Health benefit claims for transplant expenses, treatments labeled as experimental and treatments claimed to be excluded or in excess of policy limits. Martin & Bonnett has successfully handled claims involving denial, for a wide variety of reasons, of health or disability insurance benefits. Issues included denial of transplant benefits and claims that benefits were excluded or in excess of policy limits.

Health benefit claims for pre-existing conditions. Martin & Bonnett has brought claims challenging a plan’s HIPAA and ERISA violations regarding pre-existing condition limitations.

COBRA violations. We have successfully represented employees whose claims for benefits under COBRA were denied or delayed.

Claims for short-term and long-term disability insurance benefits. Martin & Bonnett has successfully resolved numerous administrative claims and lawsuits challenging denials of short- and long-term disability benefits. For example, we recently obtained a favorable settlement of a claim for short-term disability benefits for an employee who, due to severe depression, became unable to work for a period of time. Martin & Bonnett has also successfully settled claims associated with bipolar disorder, fibromyalgia, back problems and cancer, for employees whose benefits had been terminated.

Health benefits claims denials, including denials for preexisting conditions, failure to pre-certify, coordination of benefits, and out-of-network benefits. Martin & Bonnett has filed administrative claims and brought lawsuits on behalf of employees who were denied health benefits for various reasons, including preexisting conditions and failure to pre-certify certain treatment.

Retiree health benefits. Martin & Bonnett has successfully brought claims for retiree health benefits for union employees. In Gould v. Lockheed Martin Corporation, after the company threatened to discontinue and reduce retiree health benefits, Martin & Bonnett obtained a settlement for past and future Medicare reimbursement for class members, as well as continued medical coverage for the class of retirees and their dependents.

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