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Martin & Bonnett, Phoenix Employment Lawyers
A D V O C A T E S   F O R   E M P L O Y E E   R I G H T S   -   A C R O S S   T H E   U . S .

Civil Rights Cases

Civil and Constitutional Rights for Public Employees

Cases and Investigations

Martin & Bonnett has represented numerous public employees whose constitutional rights have been violated or who have been fired for speaking out on matters of public concern or whose civil rights, due process rights, and free speech rights have been violated.

Representative Civil Rights & Constitutional Rights Case

Local 3190 v. Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. Martin & Bonnett sued for violation of the right of free speech and successfully obtained a preliminary injunction barring Maricopa County, Arizona, from prohibiting a union from communicating with employees through bulletin boards, employee mailboxes, paycheck materials, etc. The case was subsequently settled.

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