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Martin & Bonnett, Phoenix Employment Lawyers
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Phoenix employment lawyers

Your Employment Law Issue

You deserve a proven, experienced employee rights advocate to defend your interests in wages and overtime, pension, retirement, health or disability benefits.

We represent employees in a wide range of legal challenges to employers' unlawful actions:
At Martin & Bonnett, we truly care about the issues that bring you to our office. Our employment law attorneys are creative and detail-oriented in finding solutions for your legal issues. We develop proactive legal strategies and discuss them openly with you in an effort to achieve maximum results.

Sadly, many employees are not aware they have a claim for hostile work environment or unpaid wages. They accept the existing environment of a workplace that allows employment discrimination and wrongful termination because they feel powerless to challenge their employer.

For example, they may assume that their salary means they are not eligible for overtime, even if they are performing non-management or non-supervisory tasks. Pension and health benefits and related benefit calculations are often accepted at face value without any review or analysis by skilled legal counsel. Those practices may be unwise and short-sighted, often leading to a violation of an employee's valuable rights.

Employees Only

Employers who violate their employees' rights need to be held accountable.

Unlike many employment lawyers who are willing to represent either side in an employment dispute, we exclusively represent employees.

Your Legal Team

Meet the experienced, proven employment law and ERISA attorneys of Martin & Bonnett.

Representative Cases

Read about our current and recent cases and investigations.

Do You Have a Case?

It is important to consult with an experienced employment law attorney to determine whether you have a claim and what your legal options are.

For more information, contact us at 602-240-6900 or 800-952-4750, or use our convenient, confidential Contact Form.

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